According to research, one in three adult men experience premature ejaculation at some point in their lives, making it a common sexual problem for men.

Premature ejaculation can happen for a number of reasons, including fear of ejaculating too soon during sex or physical problems like penile sensitivity, hormonal changes, or inflammation that affects your urethra or prostate.

The good news is that premature ejaculation is usually treatable with drugs like paroxetine (the active ingredient in Paxil), sertraline (Zoloft), and topical treatments like our Delay Spray for Men with lidocaine.

Sertraline and paroxetine are two treatments that alter how your brain functions during sexual activity.

Others, like condoms and products containing lidocaine, work by lowering your penis’s sensitivity level and preventing you from experiencing orgasm too quickly.

What about natural cures for preventing early ejaculation, though? Are the options we frequently hear about—including pelvic floor exercises, masturbating before sex, and some health supplements—really effective?

The countless home remedies used to treat premature ejaculation and boost stamina are listed below.

We’ve examined the scientific data for each remedy to determine its value in reducing ejaculation, enhancing sexual performance, and enhancing the quality of sex you have with your partner.

Home Remedies for Premature Ejaculation: Pills & Supplements

Premature ejaculation medications and dietary supplements of all kinds, including those sold online, are readily available.

But how many of them actually provide tangible advantages in terms of boosting sexual endurance and avoiding PE? As of now, research hasn’t produced a successful herbal treatment for halting early ejaculation.

Zinc is one dietary supplement that is frequently suggested as a home remedy for early ejaculation. Numerous health advantages of zinc for men include promoting the production of testosterone in hypogonadic men.

In fact, when men took a zinc supplement, researchers in a study published in the journal Nutrition saw an increase in serum testosterone levels.

However, there is currently no proof that taking zinc supplements boosts sexual endurance or prevents early ejaculation.Does this imply that a zinc supplement is ineffective? Obviously not. One of the most important and effective minerals for men is zinc, which has a wide range of potential health benefits for your body. Despite zinc’s potential advantages, there isn’t any reliable evidence to date that suggests it can help men with PE delay ejaculation.

Magnesium is a different mineral that has been connected to early ejaculation. According to some studies, having a magnesium deficiency may have an impact on your sexual health and may lead to early ejaculation.Researchers compared the magnesium content of healthy, normal men’s sperm with that of men who had premature ejaculation in a 2001 study.

The men who had premature ejaculation had lower levels of magnesium in their sperm than their peers, according to the researchers, indicating that magnesium levels may affect some aspects of male sexual function.

The study’s authors hypothesized that low levels of magnesium could lead to vasoconstriction, which is the narrowing of blood vessels and a reduction in blood flow, and lower levels of nitric oxide in the penis, both of which may affect sexual function.

They also hypothesized that magnesium might aid in the proper transportation of semen within the reproductive system.

Do any foods therefore aid in the treatment of early ejaculation? Magnesium-rich foods like salmon and some types of fish (such as legumes, nuts, and seeds), as well as green leafy vegetables, may have some advantages for sexual health.
However, there is currently no evidence linking the consumption of foods or supplements high in magnesium to improvements in early ejaculation.

Does this suggest that some foods and supplements are ineffective? Obviously not. Magnesium and zinc both have substantial advantages, particularly for men. Just remember that neither kind of supplement will make your ejaculation time longer over night, especially if you aren’t receiving any other forms of treatment.

Prevention Methods for Premature Ejaculation

While science is still working to pinpoint the precise foods and supplements that can lessen the severity of premature ejaculation, some home remedies have been found to improve sexual performance and stamina.
These consist of pelvic floor strengthening exercises as well as basic sex-related maneuvers you can use to dull the pain and postpone ejaculation.

Exercises for the Pelvis

Kegel exercises, also known as pelvic floor exercises, are easy exercises you can do at home to strengthen the muscles between your tailbone and pubic bone.

These muscles are located beneath your bowel and bladder. They appear to support control over ejaculation and healthy erections in addition to supporting your capacity to control your urination and bowel movements.

You might be able to enhance your sexual health and lessen the severity of premature ejaculation by strengthening the muscles in your pelvic floor.For instance, a study in the journal Therapeutic Advances in Urology discovered that six months of pelvic floor rehabilitation exercises helped men with lifelong premature ejaculation achieve a longer intravaginal ejaculatory latency time (IELT, or time to ejaculation).

Another study that was published in the journal BJU International discovered that three months of pelvic floor exercise improved erectile function in 40% of men aged 20 and older with erectile dysfunction.

In a few minutes per day, you can train your pelvic floor muscles at home. Try to stop the next time you urinate in order to identify your pelvic floor muscles as a starting point. Your pelvic floor muscles will tighten up as you feel them in your bladder and lower pelvis.Try to tense and then relax these muscles as you sit comfortably. For a few minutes, keep doing this by tensing your muscles, counting to 10, then letting them go and counting to ten once more.

You can strengthen your pelvic muscles and improve your level of control over this area of your body by doing these exercises three to five times per day for 10 repetitions. To avoid discomfort or harm, be sure to empty your bladder before doing these exercises.

The advantages of pelvic floor training and the methods you can employ to bolster your pelvic floor muscles are covered in greater detail in our comprehensive guide to pelvic floor exercises for men.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

You may have seen suggestions for Chinese traditional treatments if you’ve ever looked online for natural treatments for early ejaculation. According to traditional Chinese medicine, problems with the spleen, kidneys, and blood may be the cause of premature ejaculation.

Many Chinese medicine treatments aim to improve blood circulation, strengthen the kidneys and spleen, and address other root causes of early ejaculation that are thought to be present.

There is currently no credible scientific evidence to support the claims that Chinese herbal medicine boosts sexual endurance or treats PE, despite the fact that some of the ingredients used in traditional Chinese medicine may improve blood circulation throughout the body.

Evidence-Based Treatments for PE

While many home remedies for premature ejaculation have some modest benefits, the science is largely divided on whether or not they actually work.

Fortunately, there are a number of effective treatments for early ejaculation, including over-the-counter creams, sprays, and wipes as well as prescription drugs that can postpone orgasm and ejaculation.

Sprays, creams, and wipes with lidocaine

Applying an over-the-counter anesthetic to your penis before sex is one of the best ways to treat premature ejaculation.

One such anesthetic is lidocaine, which gives you more control over orgasm and ejaculation and lessens sensitivity in your penis. Topical sprays containing lidocaine are offered, such as our over-the-counter Delay Spray for Men.
Applying lidocaine about 15 minutes before sex will lessen penis sensitivity without numbing it excessively, allowing you to enjoy the enjoyable aspects of sex without having to worry about ejaculating too soon.