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Low Libido

A 2019 study of men around the age of 45 reported that 1 in 20 reported having low libido or low sexual desire.

But what is Low Libido?

Libido is your desire for sex. A decreased interest in sexual activity is referred to as low libido. At GladiatorMD we try to bring a happy twist to your sex life with easily available medications and expert recommendations.




What causes low libido?

What causes low libido?

GladiatorMD identifies the following as the primary causes of low libido:

1. Age
Aging is the most typical factor in low libido. Your sexual desire naturally becomes less intense as you age because your testosterone levels drop. Increasing your testosterone levels is an easy way to solve this issue.



2. Chronic discomfort or disease

When you have a chronic illness or pain, other activities take up the majority of your mental and physical resources rather than sex. You might not have enough energy if you have chronic pain or an illness. When one is ill and in constant pain, sexual desire decreases.

3. Depression
Low libido is often brought on by depression. You become less interested in a lot of your favorite activities, including sex. You lose your desire for romantic intimacy when you’re depressed. People who suffer from mental illnesses like depression, anxiety disorders, and others find it difficult to go about their daily lives. When it’s difficult to get out of bed in the morning or leave the house during the day, sex quickly loses its importance.

4. Reduced testosterone
If you’re under 50, this may be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, such as an HIV infection or pituitary tumor. Your testosterone may have decreased if you recently received chemotherapy or radiation therapy for cancer.
5. Stress
You might have an excessive workload or schedule at home. Perhaps you’re juggling too many social or professional commitments. The stresses of modern life can quickly wear you out. It makes sense why the desire for intimacy and sex sometimes wanes.

How severe is a lack of libido?

You might have struggled with low sexual desire your entire life, or it might be something new for you. You might face new mental and emotional difficulties if your libido suddenly drops.

1. Declining sexual life
A relationship suffers when a person’s sex life declines. A reduced libido in male  can negatively impact even the strongest of bonds. Even though it’s not true, your partner might believe they aren’t attractive enough because of this lack of interest.

2. Low self-esteem
Low libido frequently manifests as diminished self-esteem. The way a man feels about himself has a strong bearing on how well he performs during sexual activity. The emotional toll of low libido can be devastating.

3. Increased anxiety
Excessive anxiety brought on by low libido can become out of control, especially if you start to doubt your masculinity and virility. Low libido can have anxiety as a symptom as well as a cause.

How severe is a lack of libido?
What medications can be used to treat low libido?

What Low Libido medications we should use?

To simulate the daily secretion of testosterone, a topical testosterone gel or cream or testosterone transdermal system patch may be used. Another choice is a testosterone cypionate injection, which patients can learn to administer on their own at home. The newest product on the market is a testosterone pellet that a doctor inserts under local anesthesia beneath the skin of the buttock. It offers a testosterone dosage that is time-released over a period of three to six months. All these treatments are available at GladiatorMD. Book your same-day appointments and get started!

How can you treat low libido?

1. Testosterone Levels Checking
Both men and women need testosterone to think about and desire sex, so when testosterone levels fall, libido may as well. Additionally, it is typical for testosterone levels to gradually decline with age.

A blood test can determine whether you need hormone therapy as a supplement and whether your testosterone levels are low. 300 to 1,200 nanograms per deciliter is considered to be a normal range for men, though various laboratories may place a slightly different range in this category.

loss of sexual desire

2. Changes to Prescribed Drugs
The next step is to look at your medications if your testosterone levels are normal. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, a type of antidepressant, are known to decrease libido, interfere with erections, and prolong the time it takes a man to reach climax and premature ejaculation.

3. Receiving Care for Other Health Problems
Receiving the appropriate treatment can aid in reviving your sex drive. Health conditions like high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and arthritis can affect your sexual health and cause low libido.
Depression, stress, and anxiety are all major libido drainers. Intimacy and libido are directly impacted by the cumulative wear and tear of living in a bad economy or with job insecurity.

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How do I get my libido back?
Simple lifestyle adjustments can occasionally help someone rediscover their sexual desire. Losing weight, adopting a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, limiting or quitting alcohol use, and improving one’s general health may all help increase a person’s interest in sex. Otherwise using testosterone medications can also help in speedy treatment. Read More
What medications can be used to treat low libido?
Hair loss, exhaustion, decreased muscle tone, depression, and yes, decreased sexual appetite are the typical symptoms of low T levels. Antidepressants and beta-blockers can both suppress sexual desire. However, eliminating them from your routine isn’t always the best solution. Read More
How is a man's libido controlled?
Male sexual desire and arousal are primarily regulated and synchronized by testosterone, which works on several levels. When a lack of testosterone is the cause of low sex drive, testosterone replacement therapy can help increase libido. Managing stress, getting enough sleep, engaging in regular exercise, and maintaining a healthy diet are additional ways to increase sex drive. Read More